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Evolution of Leaders

Dec 12, 2020

An interview with '96 Olympian Gavin Maxwell who was one of the top paddlers in the world. Gavin shares the moment that he decided to be elite, as well as what he changed to make the Olympic team on his second attempt.



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2:04 - Gavin gives his 1-min introduction. He trained alongside Olympic Gold medallist Larry Cain and was exposed to world class paddlers all over the world.

3:14 - Did you think you’d be an Olympian? Gavin describes his journey towards being an Olympian. “I remember sitting on the dock with my legs still in my canoe contemplating life and I remember like it was yesterday I decided either I’m going to quit or I’m going to get better.” “For some reason that summer, I learned how to win”

11:53 - Gavin explains the role of coaching.

13:13 - Making the Olympics - 4 year wait. What changed? What was different? What Gavin changed from missing the Olympic team in 1992 to qualifying in 1996. "I was hellbent on the next time … If I win, they can’t stop me from going to the Olympics." Gavin talks about the mindset of being a champion.

23:04 Gavin talks about visualization and self-reflection. Working hard is the easy party. “The mental side, the preparation, the confidence is very much underrated.”

26:05 - Gavin talks about the “pursuit of excellence” and what it means not only in competition but in life.

29:05 - Gavin talks about the mindset of competition.

34:31 - Having been an elite athlete, Gavin explains how he coaches.