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Evolution of Leaders

Nov 9, 2020

It’s all about poking the status quo bear!

1:42 - Autobiography

2:22 - How does one create a great workplace culture and maintain it - The importance of values, beliefs and fit.

4:20 - How do you find the “it” in people? Scot talks about the tests and surveys that are available, and the vital importance of ongoing onboarding.

7:50 - The key traits of successful leaders - It’s really about the leaders growing their people!

9:34 - Scot talks about 2 critical characteristics of all leaders - Humility and empathy.

13:14 - Scot has a fascinating take on “Christmas Carol” from a leadership perspective.

14:27 - Scot mentions how important it is to have succession … EARLY! “Succession is about planning well enough so that you can leave on your terms and not worry as to the extent who’s going to replace me.” “You can’t have great succession without a great workplace and you can’t have a great workplace or a succession without great leadership.”

17:44 - The role of failure and its importance.

20:44 - What’s the best advice you ever received?

21:32 - What can someone who’s looking to get promoted or get noticed in their job do? Scot feels that teaching the importance of understanding people as a core building block to people improving.

23:16 - Scot talks about how he sees coaching and mentorship.

26:15 - How Scot challenges people outside their comfort zone. Scot talks about how leaders must ensure that women have opportunities in the workplace to move into leadership opportunities. They’re often already great leaders but lacking opportunity.

“Leadership is about being comfortable seeing the people around you grow past you.”

“As a leader your responsibility is to make those people around you … better at what they do and in so doing you create other leaders.” -- Scot drops some great wisdom from Julian Barling, Professor at Smith School of Business.


33:11 - What Scot is doing now with Robert Scot Ltd.

You can find Scot Rutherford online here! Check it out!