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Evolution of Leaders

Oct 9, 2020

I interview the amazing World and Olympic Champion Jamie Sale and she shares her incredible insights on life and leadership. She also gives us a previously unreleased scoop about the 2002 Utah Olympic figure skating judging scandal.


1:45 - Jamie describes her own career.

3:13 - What habit or behavior helped her to become an Olympic champion

3:57 - positive habit was positive self-talk
“If you want this, this is what you have to do.”
“Being consistent in showing up every day”

6:21 - how she deals with adversity
From 1994 to 1998 - failure after failure after failure. Coach Jeff Krushell believes in her more than she believes in herself.
“You can’t quit Jamie, you’re not done”
She reinforces her mindset with positive mental affirmations to herself that states that she is strong & capable and all these things.
“There is greatness in you. You are capable, you are strong, you are determined.”
“I had faith that something good was going to happen.”
She had had a great tryout with David Pelletier but he was initially advised not to skate with her.

13:05 - How do you go about being a trailblazer?
Mentors helped her understand how to be an Olympic champion.

14:50 - It came from within me. People say that you should be where people are pushing you.
Pushing you is good but we‘ll do what the Chinese & Russians do and more.

17:15 - Jamie talks about the ideas of process vs. outcome.

18:28 - What improvements and lessons did you implement from 1994 to 1998?
She learns to train with intention and controls the peer group that they surround themselves with. As they move forward and the stakes get higher, they improve their goal-setting with weekly, daily goals.

22:25 - The SCANDAL and the SCOOP!
Jamie gives a previously undisclosed scoop on how the scandal preceded the Olympics and how the “French Judge” had forewarned the Canadian judge BEFORE THE OLYMPICS that she wouldn’t be able to support the Canadian team.

28:13 - “Control what you can control”
How Jamie handled the judging and how her dream was thwarted, but still handled it with class. She doesn’t lash out but decides to be a “good loser”. They make the decision to be gracious, proud, simply just to be kind.

32:53 - Jamie talks about her unique involvement with the Special Olympics.

35:29 - “You’ve stopped dreaming”
Jamie had achieved the athletic pinnacle of her career but had stopped dreaming. This journey led her on the way to being a life coach.
“We base our visions or dreams on what we think we can do or what our family thinks we’re capable of or what our environment says we can do…”
“Not allowing our conditions or circumstances dictate what our long-term vision is.”
“What can I do with what I’ve got and where I’m at.”
“I’m not special …. All of us have incredible power inside of us. The one thing I didn’t do that others do … is quit. I just didn’t quit. I had many reasons to quit. ”.