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Evolution of Leaders

Nov 2, 2020

George Ross has done more major real estate deals in New York than any other lawyer, was Donald Trump’s right hand man for many years, and was a judge on The Apprentice tv show. I was privileged to profit from his years as a highly successful lawyer and advisor.


1:06 - What are the key traits for someone to have success?


1:55 - George describes how Trump delegated to him.


3:04 - “They have an interest in you as a person and being successful”. George Ross discussing how he advised Donald Trump while serving as his right hand man. He discusses how he advises leaders to handle strengths & weaknesses.

5:45 - “He is in my estimation the ultimate patriot.” - George Ross on Donald Trump taking criticism. 

8:48 - George describes a key mentorship lesson that has guided him through life. He learned how people reacted to him when he negotiated, and how people can turn when the stakes are high.

10:27 - What’s a mistake that leaders make?

11:13 - George reflects back on his life and examines what he’s accomplished. He’s most content now to advise and teach others. “The benefit of the teaching relationship is that pupil learns or does something better because of what you said. It’s very gratifying.”

12:49 - What’s one thing George would have done differently looking back? Nothing!

13:33 - Failure + Perseverance = Success.