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Evolution of Leaders

Oct 16, 2020

1:35 - Bruny describes his career in his own words


2:53 - Bruny shows his championship colors and saves his mother’s life at the tender age of 5!


5:13 - Coach Daniel Daniel St. Hilaire sees great potential in Bruny

  “The Me I See is the Me I’ll be”.   Bruny talks about 15 years of “humiliation” but fights through it to clock 9.84 in the 100m, the 2nd fastest time at the time.


12:02. Coach Daniel tells Bruny that the long jump world record was 9.33m when actually it’s only 8.90m. “You can make your brain believe, it’s up to you”. Bruny reveals how he knew it was possible for a human to run 9.6 secs decades before Usain Bolt does so.


17:35 - Coach Dan Pfaff works with Bruny which results in massive speed gains. Bruny talks about the great traits of good coaches. A short 5 weeks later, Bruns wins the Canadian Championships in a blistering 9.89s.


20:47 - Bruny has to overcome tremendous criticism and adversity, including running out of groceries and publicly being called a “chicken” and a “tourist”. “Life is not easy. If you’re waiting at home waiting for things to come to you, it’s not going to happen.”


29:28 - Bruny talks about how he didn’t have a good personal 100m event at the 1996 Olympics when he was ranked 2nd in the world.

“Why are you in this situation?”

“What are you going to do about it ASAP?”


35:32 - The 4x100m Gold Medal race. “We’re going to win”. 

  “In life there’s no shortcuts. Whatever you’re going to do, don’t cheat. Sooner or later you’re going to pay the price.”


42:00 - Bruny talks about the importance about making the choice to be positive.


43:15 - Bruny clocks the fastest time of his career with a phenomenal time. 9.84 secs. He talks about the importance of visualization, as well as why he was so happy to finish 2nd, fulfilling a life goal.