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Evolution of Leaders

Dec 19, 2020

An interview with World Triathlon Mixed Relax Silver and Bronze medallist who amazingly survived cancer through his life and career. Kevin shares the moment that he discovered cancer, and the lessons he takes from it.

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1:50 - Kevin provides his brief. Autobiography.

2:47 - Setting sights on an Olympic goal at a young age.

4:10 - Cancer diagnosis. "Give me 6 months of your life, then you’ll be better."

9:18 - Wisdom from a fellow patient: “What can I do, not what can’t I do.”

12:04 - Kevin takes his athletic goal-setting skills towards battling cancer.

15:58 - Kevin recalls how he dealt with cancer treatment and how it impacted his life. He returns to training shortly after treatment is done, and notices changes to his body. Thoughts of survivor guilt.

19:50 - Kevin talks about the mental recovery after his physical treatment has finished.

21:02 - Kevin talks about what helped him to get through cancer and the role of faith and family.

24:32 - The role of coaching in his career.

26:21 - He talks about the positive traits he seems in his coaches.

28:56 - How small disciplines lead to the large disciplines. Make your bed everyday!

31:39 - The pivotal silver medal race in Chengdu, China.

34:34 - What separates the top elite athletes from others.

35:39 - What Kevin has changed from missing the 2016 Olympic team towards Tokyo 2021. “Going into this year I truly believed I was going to make that team this year.”

40:30 - How Kevin fuels training and competing through pain by remembering kids who are struggling with cancer.

45:11 - Learning adaptation and patience.

48:46 - The power of team. “How you much better you can be when you surround yourself with the greatest teammates”.

46:10 - “God moment” - The Prayer and the Coin.